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Bloodhound SSC To Take Centre Stage During Wales Rally GB

Bloodhound SSC To Take Centre Stage During Wales Rally GB

Bloodhound SSC Visits Wales Rally GB

The Bloodhound SSC will take centre stage in the Big Bang marquee at Deeside Service Park during this year’s Wales Rally GB. As proud sponsors of the Bloodhound project and manufacturers of the supersonic car’s windscreen, the PPA Group is looking forward to seeing the car near its manufacturing facility on Deeside Industrial Estate.

The PPA Group has worked closely with the Bloodhound SSC team to pioneer a highly specialised windscreen that will provide incredible protection whilst maintaining absolute visual clarity during the car’s attempt to break the world land speed record by travelling over 1,000mph! It is manufactured from aviation-grade acrylic, which has been heated and stretched to create two layers bonded together to produce a 25mm section. It is thicker than a fighter jet’s windscreen and has been developed to withstand impact with a 1kg bird travelling at 900mph!

The phenomenal Bloodhound supersonic car will be on display at the Deeside Service Park between Thursday 12th November and Sunday 15th November. Wales Rally GB is running its various stages throughout the week and on Saturday 14th November, when the cars return to Deeside for a service update, visitors can enjoy a full day of entertainment. Sunday 15th November will see the grand finale of the Rally and the 2015 WRC season celebrated at the Park. A full size replica Bloodhound SSC car will be on display at the Big Bang marquee at the Toyota manufacturing plant alongside other exciting exhibits.

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