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Bloodhound SSC Visits Wales Rally GB

Bloodhound SSC Visits Wales Rally GB

Bloodhound SSC Visits Wales Rally GB

When: Saturday 15th November 2014
Venue: Toyota, Tenth Avenue, Deeside, Flintshire, CH5 2TW

On Saturday 15th November, the Bloodhound SSC Supersonic Car will be among many high-profile exhibits on display at Wales Rally GB. The PPA Group, an official Bloodhound SSC sponsor, has manufactured the windshield for this iconic car, which is set to break a 1,000 world land speed record.

The Wales Rally GB will be running its various stages from 13th to 16th November. On Saturday, when the cars return to Deeside Service Park for their service update, members of the public can enjoy a day of entertainment and attractions.  The event, held at the Toyota Manufacturing Plant, will include music, sideshows and fireworks. A full size replica of the Bloodhound SSC will be on display as one of the day’s main highlights!

The windshield developed by the PPA Group is made from a special military aircraft grade acrylic; it has high impact resistance, which is the key feature for a vehicle hoping to achieve over 1,000 mph.

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