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Maintaining Value, Quality And Performance

Maintaining Value, Quality And Performance


SOURCE: Pete Gunson, LinkedIn.

As global competition increases throughout the transportation sector, companies are increasingly evaluating their fleet maintenance to identify best practice methods of reducing costs, time to market and downtime whilst ensuring product integrity and performance.

As fleet maintenance is highly specialised, it is not always possible to manage every aspect of it in-house. This is why more and more procurement managers are choosing to outsource a percentage of their maintenance to MRO specialists who can provide a cost effective service whilst committing to returning a high quality product.

Finding the right supplier can be challenging. As a general rule, greater value can be realised from suppliers who possess multiple capabilities. Multi-disciplined service providers that can maintain and repair a greater range of components often deliver a better return on capital investment. When seeking the ideal MRO partner, consider whether their capabilities can fulfil a range of maintenance requirements, from component refurbishment to composite repair, rather than focusing on one aspect of the fleet.

Flexibility is often key to a successful MRO partnership. It is highly beneficial to identify an MRO service provider that can respond quickly to ad-hoc requests. Working with a responsive supply chain partner will ensure you fulfil your timescales, whilst reducing or mitigating costly downtime.

To realise the greatest value in outsourcing MRO, you ought to consider your supply chain partner as an extension to your business. They should be able to acquire a good understanding of your corporate objectives and values to provide the best support and most responsive service. Working in collaboration with a quality-focused MRO service provider will enable you to reap the benefits of substantial cost savings, increased speed to market and enhanced product performance.

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