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PPA Group Provides Visual Clarity For Bloodhound’s Record Attempt

PPA Group Provides Visual Clarity For Bloodhound’s Record Attempt

PPA Group Provides Visual Clarity For Bloodhound’s Record Attempt

Deeside-based PPA Group, a leading force in the manufacture of aviation and automotive components, has delivered the windshield for the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car, which is aiming to set a 1,000mph world land speed record in 2015.

The PPA Group, an official sponsor of the Bloodhound SSC project, manufactured the windshield using a ‘creep’ forming method. This lengthy process can take up to sixteen hours to develop each component. This prototype, which will be fitted to a composite cockpit, was formed to the correct shape and required. The windshield is made from a special military aircraft grade acrylic; it has high impact resistance, which is the key feature for a vehicle hoping to achieve over 1,000 mph.

The Bloodhound development team has been impressed with the professionalism, product knowledge and integrity shown by The PPA Group during the entire manufacturing process from design inception to the delivery of the finished component.

Conor La Grue, Bloodhound’s Engineering Lead, was delighted with the results. He said, “The seat fitting was a great success and Andy Green sends his compliments regarding the high quality visual clarity of the windscreen. Having a true screen for the seat fitting has meant he was able to achieve a true final position! With the port holes in place, he had the full perception of being enclosed, which aided the entire fitting process. The quality of the windscreen is truly outstanding and is a credit to all your team’s hard work.”

In his latest blog for the BBC, Andy Green commented on the quality of the 25mm windscreen, which is thicker than that used in fighter jets such as the Typhoon.

The PPA Group will be appearing at the Farnborough International Air Show on 14th – 20th July alongside the Bloodhound SSC team.

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