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World Land Speed Record to be broken by Bloodhound

World Land Speed Record to be broken by Bloodhound

World Land Speed Record

PPA are proud to be an Official Sponsor of Bloodhound’s attempt to break the World land speed record next year in South Africa.

The World’s most advanced straight-line racing car is literally supersonic (able to travel faster than the speed of sound), will break the 1,000 mph barrier, and will cover a mile in just 3.6 seconds.

Not only are PPA a sponsor, they have developed and manufactured the windscreen and portholes for the record-breaking vehicle. With the car being powered by both a jet engine and a rocket, the parts were built in specialist aircraft-grade stretched acrylic and comprehensively tested to withstand heat build up and air pressure.

The Bloodhound SCC will be driven for the first time at a VIP day at Cornwall Airport, Newquay on 26th October. The attendees of which will hear and feel the Bloodhound Supersonic Car blast down the 1.7mile long runway.

As PPA’s involvement in this ground-breaking project demonstrates, they are experts in the field of transparencies, and can manufacture a range of windshields and windows using aviation-grade acrylic.

If you have any highly technical requirements PPA Group have the skills, experience and have invested heavily in precision machinery to deliver high-grade products for a wide range of markets.

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