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PPA Group to work on Rolex Formula 1 Clock

PPA Group to work on Rolex Formula 1 Clock


PPA Group have been approached to work on the Rolex Formula 1 clock for the second year in a row.

As experts in vacuum forming and moulding, PPA Group fabricated the outside fitting of the 2017 Rolex F1 clock and the individual Rolex letters, and will be doing the same for the Motorsport’s race calendar this coming year.

The size of the PPA Group’s thermoforming machines allows for large-scale projects such as the F1 Rolex clock to be carried out. These high performance thermoforming machines provide PPA Group with the capability to fulfil a range of plastic fabrication requirements, as well as accommodating different materials and specific volumes.

PPA Group can design and reverse engineer products for all your prototyping and production requirements  and bring high quality craftsmanship and value engineering across transportation industry sectors. From working on globally recognised project such as the Rolex Formula 1 clock to also working with the likes of Airbus and Toyota, assisting them with production. PPA Group are committed to consistently providing a reliable and responsive service in a fast-paced sector.

To find out more about PPA Group’s Vacuum Forming, Thermoforming & Moulding capabilities get in touch on 01244 280838 or at

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